November 16, 2015

A Muslim, a Christian, and a Pagan. The playground rules.

It's no secret I'm lean mostly towards the Democratic party.  I've taken a lot of shit for it living in the cinched up buckle of the Bible belt.  M is a Republican.  Most of my family bleeds Republican.  Even the older boys lean more towards the Republican side of their views.  It takes all kinds to make the world turn.

I just don't really care to know why someone is walking in Planned Parenthood, it's none of my business.  It's been happening for centuries, only now the abortions don't KILL the mother.  She probably isn't a whore, and if she is, not my monkey, not my circus.  The morning after pill doesn't "kill" a baby, it sheds the cells from the uterus and mocks a period.  And the fetuses have been sold in the medical field for YEARS.  It's not only PP who does that, and to be honest, what would some of you like for them to do with the said fetus? Because, abortion will happen.  And that doesn't change the fact that stem cells can CURE disease and further research in domestic and foreign communicable diseases.  Do you believe that ALL of the organs donated are used for transplant?  No, they are also used to help further research in the medical field.
It's how we move forward.

Have I had an abortion, or would I consider an abortion? No.  Do I like it? No. But her sin, is not mine.  And vice versa.  My only job on this planet is to love others to the best of my will.  Even when it's tough.  If I can't, I walk away as gracefully as possible and try to make peace with my judgement.

Gay marriage isn't ruining the sanctity of marriage for the average couple.  We've already done that ourselves.   Gay marriage isn't ruining any kind of family structure.  It isn't unhealthy.  It isn't anything but two people who fell in love.  I don't believe someone "turns" gay.  I'm straight.  Not gay. It's really quite simple.

Does gay marriage affect me? Nope.  Does it affect my kids? Nope.  Not really other than the blasted political bullshit they have to wade through now on a daily basis.

I don't hate immigrants.  I don't believe they are these malicious alien creatures coming here to steal our jobs and marry our children away.  I believe we are the land of the free, and that our entire existence is based on immigration.  We just need better policies in place, and effective leadership to administer said policies.  Should we give 11 million a free pass, absolutely not?  But we can't exactly just escort them all outta the country, now can we?  It's not as simple as some want it to be.  And to be honest, the very ridiculous belief that the immigrants are "Mexican" agitates me, do some even know the statistics on immigration?  How sure ARE you that they must "all be from Mexico?"...because they're not.

Do I believe our military has been used in order to fuel power struggles between us and another nation, as opposed to truly "needed" by the people in different regions? Yes.  We have several invasions under our belt that were misguided and our nations voters misled.

I recognize that white people can be assholes, black people can be assholes, we all can be an asshole...race baiting blows.  But recognizing that racism happens is the first step to fixing a century old problem.  Same thing with sexism.  Same with stereotyping.  The list goes on.

They happen.

Now, my stance on foreign policy has always been a little bit of a mix.  I'm "on the fence", as they say.  There is a time for a war, and there is a time to make peace.  I prefer peace.  It's just who I am. I am also a supporter of the military.  Some of those soldiers and their families are down right bad ass, and deserve way more credit and recognition than they receive.  Are there assholes in the mix, of course!  This is 'merica, and we tend to place some of those said assholes in the military through the court system (maybe because they needed addiction help as opposed to being incarcerated, another topic entirely).  But almost all of those incredible said soldiers are fighting so that some of us can continue to be assholes.  So that we can type out our opinions, paint it, draw it, sing it, protest it, whatever it may be.  We are a free people.   Our problems are FIRST WORLD PROBLEMS.

I swore I wasn't going to write about the Paris attacks.  And holy shit, I swore I wasn't going to write about politics or foreign policy or the upcoming election.

I'm quite sure every artist in the world is fighting the urge to write, draw, paint and sing their way through this latest tragedy.

I SWORE I wouldn't do it.

And then I got to witness this exchange.  The names have been politely blurred out.  But this was too incredible not to share.

A Muslim woman. 
A Christian woman. 
A Pagan. 

Notice how they are all just sitting on the monkey bars.  Having a conversation.  It's meaningful, it's not offensive, it is very decisive and coherent, and it is empathetic.  They aren't rude to one another.  They do not call each other names, they simply point out some views they carry, and accept the others views and continue to dangle their pretty little legs from the monkey bars. They clarify misunderstandings, and they move on.  They each recognize the importance of the other.   

Enter extremist.  
And, he's not even a Muslim extremist.  He's an average, English speaking white male.   

Playground bully.  Asshole.   Whatever you would like to call him. Throwing his carefully collected rocks because that is the only way he's ever known how to get attention. It matters not.  But it was an ironic display.  And although some of the conversation isn't visible he yelled and hollered his way through it with insults and judgement of the finest uneducated grade.  He is from a country that isn't even considered a Western nation.  A small lesson in there for the Muslims who assume...That might be the very best part! 

Hate breeds hate.  Ignorance breeds ignorance.  

To deny that the Muslim religion has some violent (and strangely similar to Christian) beliefs is not even ignorant, (unless you haven't educated yourself on WHY the terrorists are behaving the way they are), it's downright stupid.  They do.  They have very violent and descriptive punishments for their apostates.  There is no dividing line between apostates. However, so does Christianity (we call them sinners), whether "modern" or not.  Through theology we can see that almost every single religion has a terrifying and sometimes violent reaction to those that choose not to follow it and its said elective deity, even in America.  There are seemingly very few religions that are completely peaceful in their existence and history.  
Need I remind anyone of Waco?  Charlie Manson?  For the sake of the conversation let's throw in those crazy (BB close your ears) fucks from Westboro Baptist Church.  We all agree they are nuts, right?  The list here in the States goes ON AND ON with religious and extremist beliefs that ended up with a mass amount of our own people dead.  OUR OWN COUNTRYMEN guilty of murder based on religious or extremist belief systems.  The KKK, the Black Panthers...the list goes on and on.  They didn't "cross" the border for refuge. They were bred, born and raised in the very heart of our nation.  Have you ever TRULY questioned the confederate flag?  And wanted to hear the truth behind it?  Most don't.  They would just rather argue about it with extremist pov's.  

We cannot continue to act with absolutely NO education as to how and why our world is sitting where it is with these terrorists.  We cannot let 9/11 be in vain.  Those lives are so important and were a glimpse into protecting the very soil our children bury their tiny toes into.   

I recently heard someone state that this isn't the "playground" anymore.  And apparently that statement stuck in my head.  Because it kind of is.  There is a mix on the "playground".  There are peacemakers, there are trouble-makers, and there is security and teachers.   There are rules.  There are segregated groups of children for whatever reasons.  All of the set-up is there.  Which is why I chose the blog title I chose.  
Don't be an asshole.  Don't use ignorance to breed more ignorance and hatred.  We cannot just "pray" Paris away.  We cannot blame all Muslims, or Christians, liberals or conservatives.  We need to take action and we need to truly educate ourselves with the election of 2016, because as of now, like many other AMERICANS, I'm not even sure how I will vote.  All I know, is we NEED a "COMMANDER IN CHIEF".  We need a leader who will choose to defend American soil and DEFEND AMERICANS overseas (do I remind you we are losing Americans in this war?).  We need to be empathetic and sympathetic at the exact same time.  We cannot just "PRAY FOR PARIS" because there is an entire world affected by terrorism and the lack of courage to take them on.  
Pray for courage.  That is what we need to pray for.  Blind and unwavering courage that we as a WORLD can make the decisions that keep the rest of us safe.  It isn't just about the Muslim religion, no more than it is just about the Christian religion.  It's about both worlds colliding.  
Vote.  Please vote, and please take the time to truly understand why we are in the position we are in.  Make an attempt to separate the facts from the selective victimization and sensational reporting that we are bombarded with daily.

Islam is NOT Japan. There is no comparison.  Islam is NOT North Korea, it is NOT Russia.  This is an entirely different level of carnal death and terrorism that we are dealing with.  These groups are not only killing Christians, they are killing Muslims as well.  

If you are a registered voter, you need to vote.  And you need to truly understand why this is happening.  I used to believe my vote didn't count, but I know it does now.  Throw in the bible all you want, but it doesn't replace common sense.  While the Islamic extremists are screaming "Apocalypse!" please realize that there has always been fighting among different nations,we just have major access to it through the internet and social media.  Which to be honest, might be a good thing for America, maybe it will encourage someone to get up and go vote who might not vote otherwise.  Don't let the fear of the apocalypse keep you from informing yourself and making a choice based on education.  Fear is not going to help us through anything right now.  

We can make a difference.  Not just in Paris.  

Oh we should pray, but not just for Paris. 

This falls back on the hashtag #alllivesmatter

Live, love


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.Live, love.

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