June 21, 2013

Long time, no post!


Sometimes real life takes over and before you know it, you are two weeks behind on your updates.

It's been a busy last few weeks, and I took a much needed break from the writing.

Time and patience are essential when trying to process healing and understand why you needed a break in the first place.  Wouldn't be nice if we were all rich and could "check" ourselves in to a nice retreat home for exhaustion?

I have been writing as well.  When I can find the time between my shooting, working the "real" job, and the busy home life.  But I managed to get about 9K down in my next book.

Discussions have begun in regards to the cover art, and I am so pleased with where this story is going that I decided to share a short excerpt from it.   It will more than likely be the one and only snippet I actually get out, as this book is extremely under lock and key.  I am not clear yet if we will continue as a series.  I am attempting a release of late summer/early fall so that I can use the winter months for the 3rd installment in the witch series, so watch for that as well.  Many, many exciting projects to follow!

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend and enjoy the beautiful weather!  You can also pick up a copy of the June issue with my interview with Models Mania.  They were so awesome to work with!

Follow me on Twitter @tiffluv78 #Instagram #Pinterest #Twitter connect with me here as well.  I will try to answer messages as they come in, but am working full throttle right now and the keep up has been extremely hard.

"I fell in love the way you fall asleep.  Slowly, and then all at once."  John Green 

City of the Fallen Gods by Tiffany Luv Wright

He stood up and composed himself and headed out the door to the bedroom and sat beside Phoebe.  

She was in and out.  And when she rolled over and looked at him she spoke. 

"You should have told me, no wonder...did Apollo send you?  What do you want with me?"  she was frightened.  

Kai brushed her wild hair out of her face again and took the warm cloth and washed her face as best he could. 

She winced at his touch, but let him clean her face off.  

"Kai, WHY didn't you tell me...I wouldn't have..." she struggled with the words.  He could tell she was confused but wasn't sure if it were true confusion or the head injury.  

"Tell you what Phoebe?  That I have glowing blue eyes?  That some strange old man showed up on my boat and sent some kind of fucked up shock through my system, and then when I hit the water to drag you out, I didn't need my lungs?"  his voice raised.   He could feel the confused tears welling up in his eyes.  He was angry, and scared this girl was going to die right here in his tiny seacoast house.  He rubbed his hands through his hair.  

Phoebes eyes got huge. She shook her head. 

"No..." she whispered. 

"No what?"  he brushed her cheek with his fingertip, even this disheveled she was beautiful.  He leaned in closer to her and kissed her lips softly. She couldn't die here.  

Phoebe was breathing softly now, no more raspy coughs were coming from her mouth.   She sighed and rolled over under Kai's touch.  She was angry with him for something.  But to be honest, she was the one who had explaining to do. 

He finished doctoring up Phoebes head while she lay passed out on the huge bed.  When he was finished the exhaustion settled in, but it was different than any other exhaustion he had felt in his entire life.  

He slipped his jeans off and put on shorts and crawled in on the other side of Phoebe, wrapping his arms around her and pulling her close.  At least this way, if she tried to slip away, her movement would awaken him.  

Thought I would share some poetry from the weeks past as well.  #TGIF 
Tiffany Luv Wright
All novel excerpts, poetry, lyrics and photography are under the sole ownership of Tiffany Luv Wright 2013

She waited patiently for what she thought would never come, 
She waited patiently for what she hoped would transpire,
Through the storms and the rain, she waited. 
Her eyes almost closed to a slant, watching and waiting, wiping lonely tears,
Bearing down through the rumbling thunder and the impetuous lightening,
That seemingly was never going to stop.
But she waited, with her slanted eyes, and her coy smile, and the salty tears,
While others looked on with curious and wavering faith, She continued with her fortuitous expression,
Knowing, Understanding, Believing,
That what was coming was more powerful and worth,
Every drop of rain and every slash of light,
That came from the raging sky. For the rage was the precursor to change,
It shattered the comfort, and it forced the needed tilt in her universe.
Through slanted eyes she watched the colors burst from her sky,
Carrying with it the cumbersome troubles she had burdened for so very long.
The colors were bright, almost unyielding in their forcible strength.
They would no longer allow the burdens to be on her shoulders. She had put in her time.
She had served her sentence, And through the storms she had learned to find her own strength. When she found herself again, and realized the magnitude of her trials,
The rainbow came forth with its unwavering apology and reminder that,
In the end, she had carried herself through, and the storm served its purpose.
The rainbow smiled its glorious smile.
Waiting on her sigh of release, And when the sky cleared and returned to its indigo color,
She realized that the rainbow had been there all along,
Waiting on her to see it.

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.Live, love.

.Live, love.