April 29, 2013

Letting Go, Holding On

Sometimes everything changes. 

A storm rolls in and the thunder and lightening can become too much.   We take shelter, and we ride it out.  We hide from the dark, threatening clouds. 

We need those darkest of days to appreciate the light of the ones to come.  It helps us embrace the rainbow.  I've learned that without a little bit of camouflaged struggle, we wouldn't be able to appreciate thoroughly, the lighter moments. 

Every once in a while we meet people who we were simply, supposed to meet.  It's our choice if we choose to follow fate, and allow something that was supposed to happen, just happen.  Sometimes we run far away from it, as fast as we can, because it scares the shit out of us. 

Those people spark something inside us and no matter how many times we try to cover that spark up, or put it out, it just won't die. 

The memories, the way they spoke, smiled, or moved...stay with us. 

But it's more than that. 

Their memory makes it hard to breath.  It makes our hearts beat faster.  It makes us feel.  They made the "numb" go away.  They breathe a life into us that we might have believed to be lost.  Forever, and just like the spark from a match, we are reignited. 

When you encounter those people save yourself from having to rely on those memories. 

Don't let them go.  Don't let them walk out of your life.  Take their hand and hold it tightly.

Fuck pride, or worrying about what others might say.  Learn to love those moments and people from your life, for their purpose is to teach us to not let go.  Their purpose is to help us embrace the amazing way our hearts desire calls to us.  

The Brothers Roberson have a song called "I can't make it okay", and one of the verses says "Have you ever been so afraid of choosing the wrong thing, that you chose it anyway?" You can follow the link to purchase their album, which, by the way is phenomenal.  That verse keeps sticking out in my head.  It probably will in yours too, because you know that exact moment when you chose the wrong thing out of fear.  You analyzed it and eventually you chose the wrong thing, because you over-analyzed the right one because it was unknown.  Because it felt uncomfortable, and foreign.  You chose comfort.  You stayed where you knew it would be safe.   

Don't allow yourself to make the wrong choice out of fear.  Push past the uncomfortable fast heartbeats...recognize those receptors your body sets off, recognize who you are supposed to allow into your heart.  And simply, do it.  You know the ones I speak of.  Their memories flashing before your eyes right now, the way you pushed them away because their energy or passion scared you, and at the same time ignited you deep inside.  The next time you meet one of these beautiful people, keep them close.  Don't let their memory be the only thing you end up with in the palm of your hand.

Live, love.

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Danielle shared this song with me last night, and I thought I would share it here.  I love this! Enjoy!

Passenger "Let her go"

April 27, 2013

Sometimes We Are The Lock, And Sometimes We Are The Key

“The heart has its reasons which reason knows not.”
Blaise Pascal via Goodreads

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“When at a conflict between mind and heart, always follow your heart.”
– Swami Vivekananda, Hindu monk

Sitting with a friend last night, I realized just how closely some of us are to finding what we are seeking.  And how intricately weaved we are into each others existence. 

We were up until 3 am pouring our hearts out to one another, and I realized as I was in awe of a friendship that has lasted more than twenty years, that it certainly doesn't only happen to females. 

I know that a lot of men follow my writings, I just didn't realize how lucky some women will be to end up with some of the men that I know personally, and have incredible friendships with.  They give their all.  They feel with everything that they are, and the best part is the women they are in love with are ridiculously broken and insanely amazing at the same time.  They see these women for exactly who they are, and they want her.  They want all of her.  They want the broken shards of her heart, they love her smile and her mood swings, they want to protect her without suffocating her. 

They want the passion, love, and beautiful disaster that she is.  They don't want safety, at all. 

When you think about it, we are all nothing but broken disasters at times.  No one really has it down.  We all wander through different stages of our lives, and unless we start paying attention, and stop waiting for our brains to catch up to our hearts, we end up sabotaging some of the best relationships we will ever have.  Whether it be family, friends, or romantic. 

We tend to assume it's only the feminine quality to long, or fall in love head over heels, but it isn't.  It is a human quality. 

We tend to assume that only those who are weak and have soft hearts are the ones who fall head over heels, but it isn't that either.  Some are just better at denying the heart then others.  They let their brains take over and weave strands of doubt and fear into their lives. 

So very often, someone comes along and they simply steal your heart before you even realize it.  If you are one of the people who live from your heart, it's a beautiful and magical experience.  If you are one of the people who lets your head step in and warn you that fairy tales don't exist, well, I am sad for you.  Even through all of the crazy things that have happened to me, I am grateful for those sweeping moments of love and laughter.  I am grateful for the fact that I don't let my head rule my heart.  I am grateful that I learned to let go of judgment and ridicule long enough to see the differences and the similarities as a beautiful and complete painting, and a beautiful example of the balance in life.  And that I have slowly come to realize, that until your heart catches up with your head, well...very simply put...you are indeed in a gray area. 

Until your heart catches up to your head, you are simply in a state of limbo.  There are different shades of grays in that "limbo".  The term "faking it until you make it" doesn't necessarily work when your heart is still in its state of somber longing. 

You can't force it, you can only learn to feel it.  Learning to accept that whatever it is you are feeling, you need to feel it.  In the end, when all is said and done, you will learn whatever lessons you were supposed to learn. 

For those who choose to look past, or even totally ignore what their heart is telling them, eventually it will catch up to them.  You can only fool the heart for so long.  It might be a few days, it might take years.  But eventually, they see, or better yet, they feel the longing.   

The Mind: A beautiful servant, a dangerous master.  ~Osho

Never fault yourself for loving with all of your heart.  The heart guides us, it is our lighthouse.  And our minds, the vessel.  You can't have one without the other, or it will end up on the rocky shoreline in disaster.  Let your heart guide your mind, just once.   Let your heart do its job of being the lighthouse for the vessel.  Trust that the universe is sending you feelings, a person, or a situation for a purpose.  What if you ignore it, and you miss the chance?  What if you never see that person again because you pushed them away because of fear and logic?  What if you stopped feeling, and used logic so much, that you in fact became...numb? A state of numbness isn't a horrible thing if only temporary, the problem is if you don't shock your system and you allow that feeling of numbness to settle in, then it could become permanent.  What a loss to end up feeling, nothing at all.  To die in a state of hateful regret that engulfs every aspect of your life?  That isn't how I want my life to go.  I want to continue to feel.  I want to understand that even in the darkest of corners, the faintest of light can in fact, be seen. 

It amazes me that it really is as simple as it seems.  I guess it's kind of become a part of me, but it is true that life is hard, love is easy.  The different levels, the different dynamics...It is simple.  It is beautiful. 

Even though it is hard at times, I wouldn't change who I am, or the way I feel for anything in this entire world, ever.  I don't care if it's considered "crazy" or, "different".  If my children learn one thing from me, I hope it is to never discount where their heart is leading them, and to allow themselves to feel what needs to be felt.  Always search for the good, the helpers, the guides...look for the lighthouses, because when all else fails they will provide you a safe shoreline. 

Sometimes we are the lock, and sometimes we are the key.  

Live, love. 


April 25, 2013

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Tiffany Luv Wright copyright 2013
♥ unedited & Untitled

I'll cry myself to sleep forever because of what you did to

The night will never be the same.

I think of how I stumbled blindly.

And of how the sadness became.

I can't force the smile through the pain.

I can't even dance in the rain.

I don't wish on a shooting star

I don't really care, if they are.

I remember the rainbow after the storm.

The calm and serene way the rays touched my face.

And all I can think of is that embrace.

I wanted you, all of your broken and sad parts.

I wanted to pull you out into the dancing meadow of

And now, I don't even have the strength to fight.

Make a wish for me, I say.

Because there's only night sky now.

No sunny day.

But that isn't how wishes work, you exclaimed.

It is for now, until my sorrow is tamed.

Tomorrow is a new day,

Maybe I shall try and embrace the suns ray.

Turn the darkness into light,

Attempt to put up a good fight.

What shall I do when the night returns for its victim?

I suppose I shall remember the good, and forgive the

I'll put my heart out there for one last test.

Slumber comes, and slumber goes

Bringing with the memories and the woes

Dreams painted with your fingertips touch

And I understand that I asked for too much.

When the night returns, I'll beg for peace

From the memories my heart longs to keep.

When the last star falls, I hear you whisper

But that's not how wishes were supposed to go...

April 22, 2013

What matters most?

What matters most?  Why do some affect us so little, and others make it so hard to breathe?


Why do we pay attention to the things that do not matter, and toss away the things that do?  Only to realize what was lost?

Why do we hang on so tightly to faith and hope when the thread is wearing so thin that it might just break?  Strand by strand it unravels until there is only one tiny thread connecting the two to our heart? 

Then there is a catalyst.  Always a cataclysmic event that bursts and blows everything we thought we had learned out of the water, only to add more questions? 

The rare occasion we open our hearts, sometimes they get broken, sometimes they don't.  Why do we hang on to the times it was broken, so tightly?  The memories drowning out the beautiful, only held by that tiny thread, until another catalyst shows itself to us. And we are reminded to hold tightly, once again. 

We all have the ability to forget.  Maybe not to forgive and forget, but to forget.  Some of us force the memories to go away, until they are lost forever. 

I was thinking today about how sometimes we aren't paying attention because we are holding on so tightly to the times we were broken.  We walk through life in a haze, almost in the dark, feeling our way through with the palms of our hands.  We forget that we can hear, smell, and see the tiny flickering of light up ahead. 

We forget that sometimes, we ARE the tiny flickering light up ahead for others who are watching us closely, learning from our stumbles through the dark. 

We should be careful with our thoughts, and our words, for thoughts eventually become words, and once they escape the lips, we cannot take them back. 

I think about myself, and the friends I have, and the way we guide one another.  The way we watch the others story unfold, holding our breath, waiting for our own to engulf us into a flame of love and light. 

We learn patience through trial.  We learn to fight through the hard times.  And for me, I'm learning to be okay with not necessarily seeing the future with a clear and precise vision.  We can plan all we want to, but sometimes there are funny little surprises planned for us we don't see. 

Someone comes along, or something happens, and it jolts us out of our mundane routines.  It reminds us to hold on tightly to our faith and hope once again. 

What is it that matters the most to you? 
Live, love. 

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Have a great week! 

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April 18, 2013

360 Degrees

We arrive as ONE, and we leave as ONE, with many. 
We leave as a collective soul who grew to understand the beating heart of the Universe
as she guided us through our heart. 
We are not meant to see the path to the end, because we are to learn to walk it with blind faith.
Along that path, the ONE becomes the many who are reaching out along the way,
showing us that blind faith and love has a purpose.
We arrive at 360 degrees when we leave as ONE, and we leave with many. 
Understanding that our paths were destined along the way, and each decision led to
the opening of yet another door that we were intended to open.
We name a child Faith for a reason,
in order to continue her definition so that others may find her light. 
Your turn at understanding 360 degrees will happen when you learn to
embrace the child that is called "Faith". 
It happens when we learn to love from the outside in, and break away from the rest of the pack,
who in desperation searches for those tangible feelings that they can look at, as opposed to feel
When we decide to turn to our internal guides, we decide to start eliminating that which is tangible, and replace it with that which is felt

And we arrive full circle. 

We arrive as ONE, and we leave as ONE, with many. 

Live, love

April 16, 2013

#Pray #Boston

I wasn't going to blog yesterday, assuming there are thousands of blogs posts, speaking about the tragedy in Boston. 

I've thought about a lot of things since returning from my trip to the beautiful city, which was filled with equally beautiful people. 

The cabbie who rambled on about how I shouldn't ever settle for "gawbage" in a man, his thick accent drawing giggles from me, and mine from him.  He spoke about how he was trying to teach his 14 year old daughter to value who she was, and what she wanted in life.  And he drove me around for an extra ten minutes trying to find The Museum of Natural History in Cambridge, because he didn't want to "leave me all by myself" on the street to find it myself.  He asked countless people on the street so he could leave me right at the front door. 

There was the sweet boy, with the arm cast on the subway, who after watching me help his father off the subway with a baby in a stroller, stepped to the side to smile and let me off the train before him. 

And the beautiful couple at The Harrington House who opened their doors and arms to me, and watched out and helped me on my first trip to the city. 

When I was standing and waiting for the bus, there was a sweet little girl with sparkly, sequined shows, and I told her I liked them.  Her sweet smile and bashfulness was honest and true. 

On that bus ride home, an older man who was walking with a limp, after me asking if I was on the right bus, promptly took a seat next to me to ensure I got off on the correct stop.  Making sure the bus driver understood exactly where to drop me off so I didn't have far to walk. 

On Sunday evening, after helping Adriana with a flat tire, there was the sweet tow truck driver who didn't want to leave us alone to wait for the cab to come back, and him driving us to the nearest restaurant so we didn't have to be alone.  A mile out of his way, nonetheless.  And listening to our girly ramblings the entire way, with a smile on his face. 

I left that evening, on Saturday, thinking of all of the fear and warnings I had received about traveling to the bigger city alone, something I have never been afraid of living near Seattle and Seoul, South Korea.

I thought about how the color runs true in humanity, that all is not lost.  It will never be as long as the good out-numbers the bad by the tens of thousands.  It's when we point fingers to the constant negative, and skip over the helpers, the life-savers, and the true and honest goodness that emerges from tragedy, that we will lose.  While there is evil that lurks in the shadows, there are ten more to that one act of evil, that will prove good does exist and humanity is not lost at all. 

I was thinking today, last week someone told me they were going to "show" me that the world wasn't as beautiful as I believed it to be, and that raising my children to believe that was lying to them and leading them to be oblivious to the evil in the world. 

When you engulf your child in negativity and prepare them to accept the fact that cynicism and negativity are the only things left in this world, we will lose. 

The world is a beautiful place.  We should be pointing fingers at those who rise up every single day and prove that, that is indeed the truth of our world. 

It isn't about money, or power.  It is about simple acts of kindness of love.  It is about the fact, that even when someone is in a dark place, they can be returned to the light.  If we give up on that hope and lead our children down a path of darkness, that is all they will every know. 

Show them the heroes.  Show them the good.  Show them how to be kind, and recognize a mistake and apologize and fix it.  Show them that love, simply, works.  It may not work every single time, but a majority of the time, it does prevail.  There are more acts of love, than that of evil and insanity. 

#Praying #Boston

Live, love

April 14, 2013


The night raven gives away to the morning dove
Someone is watching and it isn't from above

When the clouds of fury broke
She pushed back a sob and a choke

The suns burning rays revealing the light
Once again the truth had revealed itself during the night

When she finally realized the truth of her heart
She finally understood the surrender of her desire

It was his heart she wished to acquire
She rose silently and stoic, realizing her mistake

It was a love lost
And it was her heart that would ache

The motives had been quiet and precise and true
The night time darkness had brought them through

Her attention was held by the morning light
But she would have to keep up the lie by the darkness of night

No one could ever know what she wished for
The lie of her heart with its longing for more

She would surrender her days lie
And she would suffer through the nights truth. 

Tiffany Luv Wright 2013

April 13, 2013

Building From The Heart and The Hive Publications, ONE Legacy Work, Inc.

We are finally up and running!  If you have landed here from a search engine, or following some of our projects please take the time to visit our campaign on Indiegogo.  I've been working non-stop since returning from Boston to get everything in order.  Some of you will recognize Paul and Adriana from my Facebook.  As they have been supporting my writing for well over a year now.  I'm going to introduce myself, I had to come up with Bios, for the position of "Director of Marketing", as well as working with Harmony's Voice and eBooks Open.  The next six weeks will prove to be a busy and "ride or die" time for me!  Lots of amazing things happening and underway in the realm of the "writer" and I am so excited to be working for such an incredible company. 

Please visit The Hive Publications, Adriana Hill, and Paul Smit to see what we are working on, and read our passion for what we are embarking on together.  I am very grateful for the opportunity they have given me, and look forward to the future together, and the future of this publishing house. 

Live, love.  #Listening #BeyoncĂ© #Iwashere

Again, please stop by our campaign and help where you can, we can be found at Building From The Heart or on Twitter @frmthehrt, drop me a line, I'll respond as quickly as I can!

I thought about writing my bio from anothers perspective. I've wrote a million bios for others over the course of the months, and I find it stifling to write from a third person perspective when describing who I am. I could list my accomplishments, but let's face it, people want real. They want who you are, from the inside out.

I grew up in rural Missouri, poor, skipping from attempting to belong and understanding that I was very different. Little did I understand that the dysfunctional family we were fighting in would define who I would turn out to be. At the time, I wanted normal. No abuse, no fighting, and no dysfunction. Now I understand that sometimes those things are necessary to figure out just who, and how strong we are to become later on, and why.

I married my first husband very young, at 19, only to move to a divorce with two young children in tow at 24.

Four beautiful children, and 2 failed marriages later, I finally understand who I am. I am simply, the female human spirit who accepts love as the drive in our lives. I am mistakes and accomplishments, I am the light and the dark side of my own humanity and spirit.

I started writing at a young age, finding it therapeutic to pour words onto paper, and this was before computers had taken their hold. I would spend countless hours with pen in hand to paper, pouring out my heart to a non-existent audience. Some of those ramblings are still tangible today, sitting in my trunk in a composition book.

I have four children, ages 15, 12, 7, and 6. Three boys, and a beautiful little girl who is a reflection of myself. I see them drawing, reading, and writing often. My art supplies are often spread out all over the house in a mess.

I worked odd jobs in sales and marketing, starting at 15, and it carried me into my thirties. I enjoyed it, but it was missing something.

It was missing passion. You can only hold onto the marketing aspect of something you aren't passionate about for so long.

When I wrote my first novel, "Finding Stones", it was a test of who I was, and how much I could pour into 45,000 words. I had found my passion once again. My magic was in words. It was in the fictional and the real life stories I had lost myself in as a young girl. Reading and writing was so prominent in my adolescent escape, it had molded me without so much as a hint at the time.

I started drawing, writing poetry and lyrics, and novels once again. And it was magical.

My signature is dominant, writing the female characters based on those who I've encountered in my very fast and real life. I write for girls and women. I love the bonds we build and the attachments that are formed when we learn to let go of the stigma of the female spirit. It is strong, and it is fast, and when we apply ourselves to building those relationships, the end result ends up changing us as time goes by. We learn to appreciate the differences in our circles and we learn to accept that to be human, is to stumble.

I have four novels out now. I started with the "Tales From A Twenty Year Old Witch" series, adding "Finding Stones & Casting Gems", there is a third installment that will follow. I followed both of those up with two romance novels, and in the process reclaimed that part of my femininity that adores the hopeless romantic side of life. "Taurean & Leo" followed the young adults series, and then I poured my heart into "The Wooden Girl From Nevada", which is a quirky and fun novel based on the nuances of internet dating. I have two fiction projects in the works now, and am currently focused on a non-fiction book for women, that will leave the reader in awe. These women are incredible, and their journeys...well, there are no words to do that justice.

I write from the heart, hoping to strike a nerve, maybe a tear or two, from the reader. I want the women (and men) reading to feel something...anything at all in the process.

I started blogging in 2008, while living in South Korea. It stuck, and now I have moved to the non-fiction side of writing and living from the heart. I write about the light and dark sides we all battle, and I write about the importance of love. All the while, foot to path, recording my own struggles and journey for all to see.

I met Paul and Adriana, after a devoted reader shoved me under their spotlight, and we fell in love with one another. The mission of The Hive Publications, ONE Legacy Works, Inc., is one of passion and drive, and it deals with real people. The soul of this company is a good and honest soul. It pushes those who are struggling to view the world in a different manner and from the inside out. I believe in the mission, and I believe in the words that we are putting out for all to soak in.

I am a mother, sister, friend, and a devoted author who believes in humanity and that good can prevail. I have 2 dogs who are rescues, and of course, the infamous "Tuesday" the cat, who indeed showed up on a Tuesday and caught his first mouse on a Tuesday. He has lived up to his namesake. Since his arrival, Tuesdays have marked many milestones in my life. I love the irony in that, and the fact I swore I would never turn into "that cat person".

I am Native American, my roots are strong through the Blackfoot and Eastern Band Cherokee tribes. That is something I am very proud of. I weaved a little bit of that into "Taurean & Leo".

I live in music, art, and writing. Literally, I am immersed in these things daily.

Music is a huge part of my everyday, it isn't often you won't find me plugged in to something. While writing "Taurean & Leo", I was driven by Damien Rice and David Gray, their words coming through the speakers daily while I furiously battled the story.

I enjoy Etta James, Paulo Nutini, and Amos Lee. I tend to lean more towards the blues and jazz era the older I get, appreciating the soul behind the words bleeding out of my speakers.

I am now the Marketing Director for The Hive Publications, ONE Legacy Works, Inc., and we are launching a campaign on Indiegogo to raise the funds to open a satellite office in New England, and close the mileage gap between Adriana, Paul, and myself. I am taking this position on for now, with no salary, because I believe so strongly in our companies mission.

The Hive Publications will be expanding into enhanced digital, paperbacks, hard-cover books, artwork, photography, and music in our future. All of which capture the deepest parts of our souls journey.

I look forward to connecting to each and every one of you reading this, and please speak up and let me know what you'd like to see next!

Live, love.

Tiffany Luv Wright

Thought I would share a few shots from Boston, which by the way, has completely stolen my heart.  Watch for my review of The Harrington House Bed And Breakfast this next week. 

.Live, love.

.Live, love.