May 30, 2012

A huge thank you to all!

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I have been blessed with so much support the last few days, from two special friends who are editing and reviewing my work, to another friend in California that is reading it to possibly offer cover art. Jeff and I came up with two incredible concepts for Book 1, and Book 2. I am impressed with Jeff, and I couldn't ask for better support from my husband. He has been a rock and a constant positive re-enforcement in this journey. He has offered some great plot twists that I would have never saw coming, and as far as my following goes, you guys are in for a wild ride with these books! I really wanted to introduce a character who was different than what is on the market today. The females in the book are powerful and decisive. They are not clouded by their lust, and move forward with lightening speed! I received my first backing on and am so completely stoked with that! I am in constant need of financial support right now, editing, marketing, and the cover art are going to cost a tremendous amount. And I am not relying on the publisher right now, because, as we all can take months or even several rejections for a book to come to fruitation. I haven't heard a yah, or a nay, so I am assuming no word is good word! I continue to stay positive, and am constantly being pushed along by my strongest family and friends. I am awaiting two reviews now, one from Germany, the other from South Korea. I am very anxious about what they are going to say! Quite possibly they are the hardest two to please when it comes to keeping interest in a book. I trust that my words are in excellent hands. Please visit my page and if you can donate, it will fuel a project that young women everywhere can relate too, and I believe it builds a stronger character for females. Thank you so much for reading, and following me this far on my journey. Book Two is making great process so far, and as soon as I am done, you will get a sneak peek. Stay tuned...your regular programming will resume its schedule... :)

May 25, 2012

My Link

Here is my link, this is an incredible site where you can support people in your community and beyond who are starting their own projects or businesses.
"FINDING STONES" BY TIFFANY WRIGHT "Jaxx looked up. Her eyes were swollen with tears. Blood was encrusted all over her face and exposed body. Her hair sitting wild on her shoulders. Even in her mess, she looked like the most beautiful girl he had ever laid eyes on. His heart skipped a beat at her presence, then it sank when she welled up again at the sight of Ariannas lifeless body. She turned to Mau, and they buried their heads on each others shoulders. Huge, silent sobs had taken over the girls. Ariannas mother stepped forward and screamed. She ran to her daughter and forced her body out of Chases arms. Landing in the floor, holding her face in her own hands, and crying out. Jaxx ran to Chase. Landing in his arms. They both sank in the cavern floor in a heap of sobbing. Chase was speaking softly to Jaxx, moving her hair out of her face to take it in his hands. "She is still with you Jaxx" he said softly. "I know" choking on her words. It was all she could muster up the strength to say. She looked at Chase deeply. At first he couldn't understand why, and with a silent anguish she pointed to the very back of the cavern where Gretta and what was left of Petra were lying. He felt like vomiting. Arianna was right. There was a reason she could no longer see Gretta. It went deeper than Gretta dying. It was the most unexpected and horrific thing that could have happened. Worse than any of them had predicted or imagined when beginning this trek into the dark, evil mines of New Mexico."
Wow. One word to describe how long it's been since I posted. I have been so busy since late fall of 2011 working on my first novel, that I neglected to keep some of you up to date. I am working with several people who have helped me to get to this point. A special thanks to Doug Roberts who has answered many questions the last week via my husband, Jeff. My first submission was sent to Pendraig Publications today, and I am very nervous about the outcome. I also submitted a request to use the website to help cover some of the cover art expense, advertising, and professional editing. I am fairly confident in my submission. I edited it over and over several times in the last two weeks. Jeff has been very supported. I'm not sure why the cliche of sitting up all night, writing like a madperson fit me so well, but several nights have been spent sleepless because I couldn't stop thinking about my characters and the adventures I wanted to take them on. I also wanted to really emphasize how important the Army has ended up being in this process. Traveling, and being around such a diverse community has helped open my writing ideas up and fueled much of my story. Creating characters was almost too easy, as I had so many qualified and incredible people to help me base a development on. The books will cover a wide range of travel, including the United States, Europe, and Asia. A huge thank you goes out to my family, and my friends who have supported me the last few months. Sometimes having to deal with mood swings, and a tired and cranky person. Writing takes a lot out of you, while you think the flow is easy when you are 20,000 words deep, I suppose you do not realize the mental strain until after you've closed down the laptop. I will be updating the blog more consistently, in between working on Book Two. And I might possibly post a teaser from the first book. I will be excited to see how many of you can pick your mirror image characters. Have a great Holiday weekend! Much love to you all. xoxo

.Live, love.

.Live, love.