August 15, 2009

*HAHAHAHA* Yes...yes...I know...long time!

Well, I never promised to be incredibly good at updating the good 'ole family blog. We have had the busiest summer EVER! Thought I would pop in and update everyone on a few things and add some great pics of our gorgeous family. ;)

So Luke and Tylor came home, and holy cow did they have a crazy summer! We have been to the beach so many times on the coast its insane. And literally all over the Olympic peninsula. We had so many fun times! And have had so much family visit. Even our best friend in the world Kyle Cox came and stayed a few days with us. And my beautiful fairy God mother Stephanie come too! :)

My mom came down as well. It was fun!

There isnt too much to update other than we spend our weekends scouring the countryside for things to do. We spend a lot of time on the coast line. All the way down in to Oregon. Lots of play times outside and lots of birthdays!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY BABY! Jeff is getting old! *snickers* Still I am the old woman in the fam. *sighs*

Anyways just a quick post to let everyone know the blog isnt completely dead, almost, but not quite yet...

Here are some great pics from the summer! I am stoked for Fall to get here, I hope its as gorgeous as back home!

Happy Weekend everyone!

.Live, love.

.Live, love.