January 29, 2009

Hello and Goodbye...

It seriously doesnt feel like our time here is up. It went by so fast! It was definitely the hardest thing we have been through so far in our lives. Being away from Luke and Tylor, and away from our family...we go home in 2 weeks and we are so excited! Can you believe it? 2 WEEKS! I am so nervous about our flight, although we fly straight to Chicago and only have the one layover, it is still nervewracking to think about another anywhere from 14 to 18 hours on airplanes. At least we can stretch our legs in Chicago. And I am sure that ride will go by so fast, its the llooonngg one before that, lol. My nerves are shot!

We have been so busy here lately, getting ready to leave. Everything is happening so fast! And we have friends in and out trying to sew up goodbyes when it seems we only said hello...

Kelsey and Kyle Atkinson are following us up to Washington, we are stopping in Kansas to pick them up. I am elated to see the other Atkinson and Danielle...and we have several other friends there as well. We have heard wonderful things about Ft. Lewis, and have been told how lucky we are to be going there. I am just praying a change in circumstances and Clint will let the boys go...if not, then we will contend with the summers, I suppose. I am just having a really hard time being away from them. When I think about all the distance it is horrible. At least when we get home we will have almost a month there. And once in Ft. Lewis only being a few hours plane ride away is better than the 7 thousand miles like now!

We are just keeping positive, working on our savings, and shopping for a car. We will have to buy one when we get there. We only have a few things for the trailer.
I cannot wait to get home and set up all of our Korean furniture too! We have acquired some beautiful furniture and such while we are here. I will add some pictures. It will be so nice to be in American housing again! And I am so tired of the big city.
I am just so excited to see everyone! I love you all and cannot wait to be home! 2 weeks is nothing compared to the 9 months I have been here. It really is the final countdown home, I dont feel like we are going to be in Korea forever.

Love to you all, pray for an easy flight and transition for us! We shall see how pleasant our flight is with the two munchkinsn in tow.


.Live, love.

.Live, love.