October 21, 2008

Where to start?

Okay, so when we moved in here apparently we were using the old internet service and it eventually got shut off. It has taken us this long, yes this long, to get back up and running. LOL...but we have also been so extremely busy around here it didnt matter b/c I wouldnt have had much time to chat anyhow.

The last 2 months have flown by. My dear friends are all heading back stateside and eventually leaving me here by my lonesome. We had a huge lunch for Kelseys last one, and then Kelli left...now after tomorrow its just me and MC. My lovely Danny leaves in the morning even after MC and I begging her to stay another month. But alas, the US calls with too much to do before any of us settle back home. We all leave a month early to start getting the new nests ready before the men come home. I am dreading the ten hour flight, but excited to come home in January and be with my family.

The kids are doing wonderful, Erica had a modeling shoot in Seoul a couple of weeks ago, and she did marvelous! It was for a catalog here.

Kyle is having his tonsils out on November 21st which is really, really nervewracking. Especially knowing I will be all by myself without help. Not too mention the surgery in South Korea. I know he will be fine, but still my anxiety is very high.

We had a trip to Everland, and this last weekend we went to Soyasan Mountain, only we did not climb all the way up. With all the holidays coming up I would imagine time is going to fly by and we will be even more busier than ever. So hopefully I will have tons of pics to post.

Stephen is doing awesome and we are so excited and proud of him!

The big boys are doing great too, sister sent me a ton of pictures so we have them all posted throughout the house. I cannot wait to get back to them, I am having such a hard time sharing. Not my best quality at all.

Right now, we "might" have orders, just waiting on some verification in the next 30 days and I am really hoping we get them because it is an amazing post.

I miss you all and love you all terribly! Pray for us and keep us in your thoughts as you all are always in ours. Let me know if you stop by! Going to overload you with pics now. :)

.Live, love.

.Live, love.