July 28, 2008

A real Korean meal...not one of my favorites.

Ha! The title says it all. We had a really laid back weekend, really not much of anything going on, and it was kind of nice. On Saturday just went and ran some errands on post, then came home and hung out together. A quiet weekend is just what we needed.

Sunday we went to church in the afternoon. And afterwards some friends from the church called and they wanted to take us out for dinner. We went to a traditional Korean buffet. I must say that although I tried some of it in good sport. I will probably never eat it again, lol.

Going in to the restaraunt we had to take off our shoes and drop them at the door, in true asian style. I had not even thought about this and of course was in flip flops, so I had to suck up my barefoot OCD fetish and go with the flow. We sat at long table with a little almost mongolian style grill in front of us. The waitress turned on our grill, which later we would do ourselves as needed. At the actual buffet there were loads of food. But here is the catch...its raw. Yep, you read right, absolutely unequivicably raw. Ew. If you know me, then you know my OCD fetish with touching raw meat as well. There were all sorts of pork, calgogi (beef), seafood and veggies. You load up your plate, take it back to your table and cook it yourself. When it is done cooking you add a grilled garlic, whatever veggie you like a piece of meat only to roll it up into a big lettuce leaf and shove the entire thing in your mouth. That wasnt so bad. But to be a good sport the weird stuff I tried was baby octopus, and although it went in my mouth, I couldnt swallow it and spit it out in my napkin. Then I moved on to try the sushi, and it wasnt anything spectacular. Finally my last adventureous taste was the eel my lovely hubby cooked up for us. It was nasty. I actually chewed it up and swallowed that one.

So we are sitting there and I happen to look over at Erica who is sitting with her "big" Kyle. And see that she is sucking and chewing on the remnants of our little baby octopus. Can I say I almost threw up? Um, yeah. But not wanting to put my feelings regarding the food into her head I had to look away and let her chomp away. She didnt get too far into it before she decided she was done, lol.

All in all, it was not tasty for me. BUT it was something that I will remember and cherish simply because we experienced it with good friends and good company. The owners were sweet and enjoyed the children. We all got an ice cream before we left and she even let me keep my Pepsi bottle to take home mom. ;) They rebottle and recycle here like crazy, just like the old days. Bottlecaps and all.

We have been battling the monsoons the last couple of weeks and I have gotten some great pics. Its not flooding too terribly bad, but we shall see whats in store for the coming weeks. Its very humid and hot here, just like back home. Although I really miss a good thunderstorm. But until we get home we will have to be content with the good ole' sound machine in the bedroom.

Kyle had a wonderful birthday and is doing great. He misses his brothers very much, as do Jeff and I. I just want to wrap them up in to my arms. Sissy walks around with their pictures kissing them, its so cute. Kyle "make believes" they are here and plays with them. We talk on the phone a lot so we tend to need to buy minutes more and more. I miss them so much its really hard to deal with.

School is starting soon and its tough to think we wont be there. We are going to try to come home in October, if the tickets stay reasonable. Its looking like for "Army reasons in the works" that the possibility of us being here another year is more and more real. I am not happy about it. But if we can just push through we will be back on American soil soon enough, Jeff is dead set on NOT re-enlisting. He wants to use his GI Bill when he gets out, get his degree and go back into law enforcement, it really is where his heart is. Along with being with our family back home.

We miss you all and love you so much, sometimes the distance is a little overwhelming to me so keep the emails and pictures and myspace comments coming. If you get brave and want to call and wake me up then do so! I sleep with my phone on in case anyone needs us. If there ever were an emergency please know that you can only reach us and it be legitiment through the American Red Cross, and we are on Camp Hovey.

Keep us and the boys in your thoughts and prayers and enjoy the pictures this week. Remember we are basically as close to North Korea as you can get so some of these are the "real" South Korea pictures. ;)

Love you all! xoxo

July 21, 2008

Yongsan, HRC, and a Big Birthday Bash!

Well, getting through this month has been a hard one so far. I am missing the boys terribly, and with Tylors birthday on the 8th it was really hard being here. We are just getting by and counting down our days until our family is whole again. Praying for a change in circumstance and making sure those boys know how much we miss them. I sent another package full of pictures for them last week. They really like the photos. Its hard for me, seeing only half of my kids in them, knowing how much the big guys would absolutely love it here. Just keep us in your prayers and thoughts as we make it through our journey here.

We went to Yongsan last Friday to the War Memorial again, didnt stay long there though. We ended up at Hard Rock Cafe in Itaewon for some good ole' American food. It was also one of the guys birthdays so we had them come out and sing and bring him an ice cream sundae. We had a great time. The guys had to go back on the bus, so the girls and I stayed down at Yongsan and went shopping, then later took the train home. It was a good time.

Saturday night we had Kyles birthday party a little early. Everyone was already going to be here for the usual "two week dinner" so we just combined it. He had a blast! Got lots of gifts and had so much fun with his little friends. He got a kitchen, and tons of Diego and Hot Wheels stuff. I had to make a homemade cake and improvised, Kyle was impressed, although he might have been the only one, lol! ;) It was really hard to have his party and no one from the family be here. I didnt realize it would choke me up the way it did when they were all singing "Happy Birthday" to him. And although we miss our family so much every single day, our adopted military family here has turned out to be so caring and reliable. It really has helped us get through these hard times.

Sunday was a trip to E-Mart. I had to pick up some things to organize the playroom. I dont know how, but the kids stuff seems to multiply on its own. I took got some pics of the awesome escalators! It was fun, several others went with us, however it rained cats and dogs. We are in the middle of a typhoon apparently, which to those back home isnt much more than a really bad storm there that lasts a few days. Lots and lots of rain! Bucketfulls!

Other than those things, we have just been spending time with friends and making out time here the best it can be. Last week I rode with a girlfriend who is command sponsored here so she drives. We went down to the Yongsan PX to get Kyles kitchen, and we had to take it out of the box for it to fit in her car. It was very different riding all that way by car on the freeway, rather than taking the train. People drive crazy here! I mean crazy. You would not believe it if I told you how badly they do not follow traffic laws. I need to get some pictures, scooters just riding down the sidewalk, people parking on the sidewalk...its nuts!

Trying to keep up with the blog weekly, sometimes I forget or really dont have much to post about and have already talked to so many on the phone. The rains are coming and going weekly now, so we have to get out when we can in between down pours, although it isnt as bad as I thought it was going to be. I think we are supposed to be in the eye of the typhoon tomorrow and will try to get some good pics of the heavy rain. They say it gets windy here, but what I have seen isnt worse than back home in Missouri. When I think storms, well, I think black skies, 60 mph winds, and hail, lol. So really, it isnt much here.

We did get our tv finally which completely rocks, we have like 70 channels and only a small handful are American, lol. But still, its better than nothing. The kids are mesmerized by the cartoon channels here. Jeff got his "plant" finally. He has been wanting one for a while. And we finally got some curtains so the Koreans dont see us in our skivies, lol! I will post some pics of the new living room today too.

Love you all and if you stop by leave me a comment! Kyles actual birthday isnt until Friday, we will probably take him to do something special for that day. Sending lots of love to you all! xoxo

July 8, 2008

Lotte World, 4th of July and much more!

So we had a huge week last week, sorry for the delayed update. We really have had no down time since the beginning of last week. Jeff got off early the on Thursday and had a 4 day weekend ahead of him so that was absolutely wonderful. We got Tylors birthday gift to him and he loved it, we ended up getting him a portable dvd player and some movies, and I sent the boys 150 pictures to add to their photo album. I am getting a huge care package ready to send them in the next week which will be complete with mink blankets, chop stix, and a few other goodie, some for their keepsake boxes like receipts in Korean and such. I miss them terribly. Please send lots of prayers that it goes well!

Friday night we had a huge 4th of July celebration on Camp Casey. It was wonderful and we spent the entire day there. There were concerts, lots of stuff for the kids like magic shows, bounce houses and such. The Korean National Cheerleaders were there as well and they adored Kyle and Erica. I forgot my camera but have some pictures sent from friends and more coming so as soon as I get them I will post them as well. The 50 cannon salute was beautiful, and you really do not realize what you miss until you are a world away from it. The 4th was hard for both of us not having the big boys and missing family. It has always been a favorite for us. We got home very late that night, but made curfew and the kids crashed as they were tuckered out. :)

Saturday we had the usual get together with a few friends. Last week I had a rough time and prayed very hard for the Lord to take some of my burdens away and send me a message for a way to get through our time here. Low and behold one of our families that came for supper happens to be LDS. Jeff and I have been feeling the pull to get back in to church for some time and Kellie is the Relief Society president of all things. It was a wonderful blessing for the families here to see just how the Lord works in mysterious ways. Sunday morning we got up early and prepared for our first church going here since we arrived, it was such a small ward! But very nice to finally be where we needed to be. Kelsey and Kyle went with us which was such a nice blessing. These two are wondeful people and adore our kids and are expecting a little one of their own. I ended up with a nasty migraine late afternoon and spent it in bed while Jeff looked after the kids. He truly is the most amazing man I have ever spent time with. Such a wonderful father and husband, I couldnt ask for more. These last few months apart have made us stronger and really made me realize just how much he needs me and I him.

On Monday was our trip to Lotte World which is the Korean Disney Land. It was a total blast! I rode some of the scariest rides I have ever ridden in my life but it was exhilerating to do so, and made me feel "not so old" lol! I got pictures of us starting one, and the other pictures you can only see our feet on the Gyro drop, it was insane! It spun you as it rose about 20 stories and then stopped and all of a sudden dropped. So crazy! Kyle rode quite a few things and he loved it there. Sissy wanted nothing to do with Lotte and Lorry so we didnt do pictures, but she adored the parade. And of course being a celebrity baby here, we couldnt go 5 feet without someone taking her picture. Or stopping to give her gifts. By the time we got home she had scored a teddy bear, a little toy, candy and crackers throughout the day.

Back home we ask for your prayers, Jeff found a huge mass in his back and yesterday went for X-rays and it turns out they think he has a blown disk in his back, he has an MRI tomorrow to make sure that is what it is. The mass is a muscles spasm that isnt going away due to the disk. He has to go through physical therapy, he is on meds, and if none of that helps he will have to have surgery. Right now he is on profile for the next 30 days which means no lifting and easy PT. I am hoping they help him and that the pain goes away for him.

We miss you all very much and hope you enjoy reading the blog. I am trying to keep up as much as possible with it. I am missing my sister and my kids a ton so just trying to keep on holding on to that glimpse of being home, back in the country with everyone. Love you all and keep us in your prayers! xoxo

.Live, love.

.Live, love.