June 22, 2008

Breakfast at Tiffanys.

We have had a busy last couple of weekends. The monsoon season starts very soon so we are trying to get out and see as much as we can rain-free. In the next coming week, the 4th of July will be rearing its head and reminding me of back home where we could all get together and do whatever we wanted, shoot as many fireworks, no matter how big they were. Here it will obviously be more restricted, which, in laymens terms really sucks big time. But we will make it work. There are a few things planned over the next 2 weeks I know most of you will really enjoy seeing pictures of. Our group from the FRG will be going to LotteWorld on July 7th, and the guys have a basically 5 day weekend which rocks! And Camp Casey is having a huge fireworks display too.
We have been getting together with some of the other families here every other Saturday. So we all pick a theme and every one brings a dish to cook. The first one was bbq, then we had Mexican (authentic, Alvarez cooked his grammas taco recipe, yum.), and this past Saturday we had breakfast for dinner. Appropriately enough, Breakfast at Tiffanys. *lol*
When Jeff got home on Thursday night, I had had a hard week, missing the boys and missing my family. He decided to take me out to dinner which was really good, we had steak at the Warriors Club. Last week when we went out with the Staleys we had passed a pet shop that had the cutest little maltese puppy who I fell in love with. Well on Thursday Jeff took me back and worked a deal with the pet shop owner so we are the proud new owners of "Bubbles". She is adorable, and will be the perfect companion for Moosey when we get back home.
Friday, Ashlee and Kelsey came over so Bubbles could have a play date with Toots, and Sydnee. She did well. That night we all decided to take a trip to Uijongbou to head to Mickie D's. Which I might tell you is a walk to the train station, a ride on the train, and a taxi to get there. But it was so worth it. I am sure we looked like a bunch of fat Americans with our overloaded trays. I ate 2 Big Macs myself, lol. It was so good. We walked around the town a little while and came across a cross dressing kareoke singing Korean man. Obviously we needed a picture with him. He was scary looking, but funny too. Apparently he was watching nakie woman on his little monitors in front of him, I missed that part. Gross!
Saturday was a busy day too, the kids were so pooped they slept until 10 o'clock, which was wonderful. Then a trip to the commissary, and cleaning the house to get ready for the dinner. We just got to hang out, play Taboo, and oogle over Joanna and Samuels 10 day old baby boy, Gabriel. Who I might add is beautiful. New mom had a good time, and it was good for her to get out. We all decided to head down to Yongsan this weekend and go to the Korean War Memorial again. It is beautiful down there and so much to do. I am sure we will run into something we have not yet came across. There seem to be little surprises in all of these little towns, lol.
Sunday turned out to be busy too. Jeff and I went for a walk down in New City and they had closed off some of the street for a childrens street fair. They had rides, animals, and there is a huge fountain to play in. So we called the "gang" and met some back at the house and walked back down to New City so the big kids could play too, lol. The guys got to ride the little motorcycles with the kids and play in the fountain. Then we headed to Camp Casey to grab some dinner. After that we took the train to E-Mart. We got off at Deokjeuong, which we thought was the right stop. Turns out we had to take a detour route under the train station and through some rice fields. And actually, I am glad we did because we got some great pictures. We all played around at E-Mart and then headed home. Jeff and I finished off the evening with a movie, and headed to bed. Poor guy only got 4 hours last night! Will have to let him sleep in this week.

I have to go to my rations meeting tomorrow to get our rations card. All the families here are rationed on groceries and a few other things. You have to take a class and then you get an id. They have a tour too, but I will bypass the tour because I already know my way around the camp and vicinity.

I hope you all are having a a good week, will post some more this week hopefully. The last 2 days have been gorgeous here, and the yellow dust is so low. I can actually see the blue sky instead of haze, which can take a toll on your mentality, lol.

Jeff talked to Clint today about bringing the boys over again. He is going to tell me tonight what he said. Just keep praying that he sees the light and changes his mind. I miss them terribly,and with Tylors birthday coming up it is going to be hard. I have never spent time away from my kids and it is killing me. Just keep us in your families prayers and keep thinking positive.

We love you all and miss you very much, if you stop by and read the blog leave me a comment so I know you were here watching over us. Love you all! xoxo
If there are lots of typos today, the kids are all over me! *giggles* deal, Julia. heehee...

June 17, 2008

Busy last week...

I know those of you who have stalked wanting pics are realizing that I have not posted in over a week. We have been so busy, I just got a ton of pics loaded on to the computer and finally posted at Myspace.

Last week several other wives and I started doing lunches once a week over here at my house so the kids can play and we can socialize. It has been wonderful. The kids have a blast and so do the big kids...*lol*. I met Tina, who is at Camp Stanley on the USFK forums before I even got here, and she is wonderful. The rest are in the same unit as we are, and it is really nice to finally know everyone here who matters for the most part. We have had FRG meetings, and a Family Day which was a blast. The kids loved it.

Lucas and Tylor are doing well. Tylor is rocking it at baseball! I talked with them this morning, and my sister says he is the best on his team. Which is good, we tried soccer and football last year and they were a no go, lol. So he finally found his sport. Luke is doing well too. He is so grown up right now. I am so proud of the little man he is becoming. Only 8 more months to go and I will be back in the State closer to my loves! My sister is getting some pictures for me of them at baseball and they went and spent the day with her last week. I miss her terribly too. I am counting the days now. As is Jeff. Kyle misses his brothers like crazy and I wish Clint could see just how badly he longs for them. Today sissy was kissing their pictures. It is very hard when we go do things because Jeff and I always turn to each other and think about how cool the boys would think it is.

We went to the COEX Mall and Aquarium last Saturday with Kelsey and Kyle, it was a blast. This mall is amazing. The Aquarium is more like art exhibits with some natural habitats mixed in. It was reasonable to get in, and only an hour and a half on the subway. It is in Samseong, and there was so much to see. We even got to eat at McDonalds which was heavenly, and Coldstone. Yummy! I have an insane amount of pictures from the day and I posted them all at our Myspace, so if you want to see them all you can go there. And we have no idea what the buttons on the toilets do, Kelsey nor I had the nerve to go pushing them. The hand dryers rocked though! lol!

I also got some great pics of some storms that rolled in a couple nights ago. The rains will come soon so over the next 2 weeks we are going to try to get down to the beach, Kyle is begging his dad to go to the beach. However he believes that Diego is there and will be sadly disappointed to find out he is not, lol.

The Korean people are so infatuted with Erica, she is not going to know what to do when we get home and no one goes crazy over her. We cannot go anywhere without someone kissing her hand or patting her chubby little legs. They love her eyes.

I will try to update you all a little bit more this week, we are having our "every 2 week dinner" with all the families on Saturday. This weeks theme is breakfast for dinner. Last time Alvarez came over and cooked chicken tacos from his grandmothers recipe and it was divine. He is an amazing cook, and Erica is in love with him. *giggles*

We seem to be finding our way here, and slowly our journey is unfolding. It still feels incomplete to us without Luke and Tylor, if they were here we would AIP and stay another year, but without them it doesnt seem 100%. I am just trying to enjoy this blessing and appreciate living among another culture on the other side of the world. Adjusting to the daily routines and getting by with the love of my life and the babies. If I stop believing that this is happening to us for a reason it could be very easy to lose hope and fall into a funk. But I will keep my head up and know that the Lord only gives us what we can handle, sometimes it seems like more, but after it is said and done seemingly we are through it stronger and more in love with life than before.

I love you all and miss you all terribly! Only 8 months to go, and those of you who are coming to visit, I cannot wait until you plane lands on this beautiful land.

June 6, 2008

Not too busy of a week

Well this week has not been very eventful. Jeff got to come home from the field early, so he was back Tuesday night. Which was wonderful. We got a call from the immigration office saying we needed to add a letter from the commander to our packet on file. So yesterday Jeff took off early and we got on the train and headed towards Uejongbou to get that taken care of.
We were both starving so decided we would just eat somewhere there. We decided to go to KFC. Might I add that it is waaayyyy different than our back home. Not very tasty, but we managed to choke it down and get back on our way. I took a few pictures while we were there. We even got a picture of a monk, lol. There was some kind of promotion going on and all these little cars were lined up and playing loud Korean music, Kyle was jamming. People were stopping to watch him bust a move on the street corner and giggling. I got a couple of shots of that. He was funny!
Today we are just hanging around. Hopefully this weekend we are going to the Co-ex aquarium which will be exciting, it is supposed to be really great. We are going to buy a cooler and pack our lunches and drinks for the day. Who knows who will tag along! Possibly hanging out with friends and making chicken tacos too. Alvarez is going to come over and cook for us! Yeah!
Missing the family very much. I miss the boys something fierce. They had a baseball game last night and Tylor scored all of his teams runs, it was only 2, but...hey...thats pretty good. :D My sister is sending some pics this week so as soon as they are here I will get them up. I love you guys, stay safe and keep praying things go our way!
Today is the Korean Memorial Day and there are so many Korean flags flying half mass. And they sounded the sirens this morning. There is a grand ceremony today at the Seoul National Cemetery. I wish we could have gone. I took some pics of all of the flags flying outside our apartment building. Their Memorial Day mourns the loss of life defending their country, just as ours does. I see much respect in their culture for servicemen and the elderly.
I also included a picture of our apartments, building 201, and some of me and the kids outside on the steps. The weather keeps going back and forth from chilly to hot, just like back home in Missouri, lol!
There are also some pictures from the train that I took, just randomn shots of rice patties and the mountains and such. Enjoy!

.Live, love.

.Live, love.