May 29, 2008

In the beginning...

There were 6 of us. What lead us to this point in our lives is a long journey through pain and hardships. I do believe all things happen for a reason. The result of this journey has not presented itself as of yet.

Jeff got a really great job offer through a sales company and took it. Making almost 3 times what we were he was doing well. Starting off anyways...We bought a house, decided to try for our last child and seemed to be making it well. The big boys dad was in some trouble with the law and not allowed to see them. A long struggle in itself.

About 7 months into the sales job Jeff was struggling. Obviously sales and marketing were not his strong suits. He lost his job and I was 6 months pregnant with our little girl, Erica. We struggled that next year tremendously. He immediately replaced the sales job with a job at the county jail as a correctional officer. And found his calling in law enforcement. But we were drowning in debt. With no financial help coming from Luke and Tylors dad, and me having 2 under 2 it was hard.
After a few months he came to me with a proposal to join the US military, but wasnt sure which branch, I told him I would do whatever he wanted. At this point we were both working full time and were getting exhausted, and still not financially ahead.
After a few months of going back and forth he decided to enlist in the United States Army. A choice that would change everything in our lives.

We pushed through the months of Basic Training and AIT. Only to be slapped in the face with a one year uncaccompanied tour to South Korea. After the devastation of the information he was on a plane and on his way. Only to arrive and find out it is totally possible to bring your family, live off post with them, and still have the same benefits of being within an army base. After about a month of convincing and 10 coffee pots of research I decided I would join him in South Korea.
A long discussion with the boys father lead to him refusing to sign their passports and not allowing them to join us. Hopefully that will change. I pray for it, the oppourtunity for them to live here is amazing.
On May 8th we arrived in South Korea, my SIL and FIL in tote to help me with the kids. I sold everything owned, shipped a measly 500 lbs. of personal belongings, and kept a small amount of keepsakes for our return.
This is a blog of our journey, the struggles we will see over the next year here. And the joys we have being together again, but obviously missing 2 crucial pieces of our unit as a whole. Luke and Tylor.
I will try to keep up and post a lot of pictures. Hopefully this will keep family and friends up to date on whats going on in our daily lives here in such a far away land. Sometimes, I have to remind myself where I am. It truly is amazing to be here, and be able to witness living in another culture. The Korean people are beautiful, friendly, and truly deserve to have the freedoms that we as Americans take for granted every single day. Simple freedoms.


.Live, love.

.Live, love.